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Virtual PBX vs. Premise PBX Virtual PBX vs. Premise PBX

PBX Systems allow you to set up extensions, customer management systems, auto-attendants,... 

Benefits of Virtual PBX Systems Benefits of Virtual PBX Systems

How Virtual PBX Services Work   Virtual Private Branch Exchanges are a form of... 

Asterisk Overview Asterisk Overview

Asterisk is free open source telephony engine software that allows businesses to... 

PBX Glossary PBX Glossary

Top PBX terminology, acronyms and definitions.  Please contact us if you need further... 

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Ingate SIP Firewalls Overview Ingate SIP Firewalls Overview

As much time as we spend worying about data security, how many of us give a lot... 

Digium SwitchVox Systems Digium SwitchVox Systems

Imagine when a phone call comes in, you can look at your computer screen and the... 

Avaya Review Avaya Review

Corporate Profile: Avaya Phone Systems – Hardware Avaya Phone Systems is a telecommunications... 

OnSIP Review OnSIP Review

In an interesting play on words, OnSIP, the Internet telephone service provider,... 

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Mitel PBX Phone Systems Mitel PBX Phone Systems

Mitel’s offerings to the voice communications market seem oriented to the large user and the service provider with smaller customers, rather than the small- or medium-sized business markets. By providing both equipment and negotiated rates with U.S. signal carriers, Mitel offers to be your communications partner. Hardware / Infrastructure –... [Read more of this review]

PolyCom: Unified Communications PolyCom: Unified Communications

Many companies that offer SIP-trunking or hosted-internet-based PBX services also offer the telephones and other hardware you will need for a complete communications package. One company that sells such products to and through the service providers is Polycom a provider of products in the areas of telepresence, tele- and video-conferencing, video and... [Read more of this review]

Aptela Business VoIP Aptela Business VoIP

Aptela hosted VoIP service is intended for small and medium-sized companies that want a feature set comparable to what a big company might offer. The company organizes its efforts to turn you into a customer with a five-step process: compare, test, price, switch and customize. Let’s look at those five steps: Compare: Aptela compares itself not... [Read more of this review]

Bandwidth.com Review Bandwidth.com Review

Bandwidth.com — the name pretty much says it all. Combine all your broadband applications, including local phone, long distance and Internet into one service, with one bill, one call for support and one line. As an SIP-trunking service Bandwidth.com offers you phone service via standard SIP trunks. All you need are SIP-compliant phones and a... [Read more of this review]

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