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Corporate Profile: Avaya Phone Systems – Hardware

Avaya Phone Systems is a telecommunications company that specializes in call center technology, telephony hardware, and telephony software.  It started as the Business Communications division of Lucent, and became a separate corporation in 2000.  It has 17,500 employees and its headquarters are in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

Avaya services and products include various types of call center software, PARTNER Advanced Communications System – a small business phone system, and other various communication applications.  Along with these software applications Avaya also offers telephone and communications related hardware products such as gateways, phones, and servers.

Avaya Gateways – Features and Benefits

Avaya offers seven different gateway models.  Some of the benefits and features of using Avaya gateways include:

  • Multiple upgrade options for more flexibility
  • Secure network
  • Reliability
  • Maintenance of features when connectivity is lost to central server
  • A variety of gateways available for different needs

A small or large business can choose between 7 gateway product choices from Avaya in order to find the one that meets its needs the best.  

  • G250 Media Gateway – the most budget friendly gateway but with the core features
  • G350 Media Gateway – ideal for businesses with branched offices
  • G430 Media Gateway – cost effective and secure for mid to large businesses
  • G450 Media Gateway – designed for mid to large branch offices
  • G650 Media Gateway – features strong uptime and scalability
  • G860 Media Gateway – optimized for campuses and large area contact centers
  • IG550 Integrated Gateway – designed for branches with up to 100 users


Avaya Servers – Features and Benefits

Avaya also offers media servers for small to large businesses.  These media servers are designed for  telephone system software and networking. Their server lines are run on Linux and feature stability, scalability, reliability, and maintenance ease.  They are designed for high workload and steady uptime is guaranteed by Avaya. 

Here are some of the features of each server:

  • S8300 Server – a flexible server solution for companies that have 8-450 workstations
  • S8400 Server – supports up to 5 media gateways and up to 900 workstations
  • S8500 Server – designed for mid to large businesses, it supports up to 3,200 workstations
  • S8700 Server – feature AMD or Intel processors and can be separated up to 6.3 miles
  • S8800 Server – for mid to large businesses and features Intel’s Xeon E5500 series

Avaya servers are capable of supporting very large networks and feature power and stability that is competitive among other server options.

 Avaya Phones – Features and Benefits

Avaya’s phones are its largest hardware product line.  There are several series of phones with different features.  Here are the major features of each particular series:

  • 1600 Series – competitively priced phone series that offers several features such as backlit displays, two-way speakerphone, and a context-sensitive user interface
  • 2400 Series – this series features call logging, automatic button labeling, speed dial directories, and three choices of models
  • 5400 Series – designed with small businesses in mind, this series has features that make it useful for businesses including a large display, and a two way speakerphone
  • 5600 Series – similar to the 5400 series, this series is designed for small businesses, and has more features including a two port Ethernet switch and software features
  • 9600 Series Avaya one-X Deskphone – a line of IP deskphones that are built for large call volume and offer features such as high quality audio and one-touch key functions
  • 302D Attendant Console –  features several features for attendants including an integrated display, call queuing, one-touch transfer, and easy expansion
  • Conference Phones –  for meetings and collaborations, these phones feature full duplex technology and a 360 degree microphone
  • IP Dect Phones  – wireless phones that are secure and consume low power
  • IP Wireless Phones – IP phones that use IP telephony over a wireless LAN and feature extended talk time, and clear audio
  • Videophone – allows video to be shown during calls and can be used for video conferences

How To Use & Setup an Avaya IP Phone


Each of the above mentioned series has one or more specific phone models that are featured.  With Avaya’s diverse number of phone products, there are likely one or more products that fit an organization’s needs.

Some of the reported strengths of Avaya’s phone series are the abundance of features that many of the series provides.  Also, Avaya’s phones are reported to have consistently high durability, excellent call quality, and professional and ergonomic designs.


Avaya is a large telecommunications company that offers several software and hardware products.  Avaya offers servers, phones, and gateways as its featured hardware products.  Among the hardware products it offers, it has several product series that fit a wide variety of business needs, are feature rich, and have overall positive reviews. 

Most of Avaya’s hardware products have been described by users to be highly useful, intuitive, cost effective, and versatile for a wide variety of business needs.

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